Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good Reading This Week

On,  a wonderful article about Jezebel's new sex advice column, entitled "Sexytime Dilemmas: Rape, Feminazis, and Grammar". And in case you were curious, here's the infamous column from Jezebel itself: "Sexytime Dilemmas: Facials, Masturbation, and Butt Fingering".

"The Black Sheep of Feminism"-an interesting article about lipstick feminists and their questioned value as feminists.

A reminder on The Huffington Post on why we need to vote for Obama, in "Women Need to Remember the Real Mitt Romney on November 6".

A short article from earlier this year, "Pro-Life or Anti-Sex?", explores the conservatives who are Pro-Life only when it comes to abortion.

An older, but fascinating article on the tryouts for the Lingerie Football League Australia, "Try outs for Lingerie Football league Australia - verbal abuse and repeatedly called p*****s".

If you haven't seen "Fuck No Sexist Halloween Costumes" on Tumblr, then you need to get on it.

Bitch does a great article, "Enough about Saving the Boobs. What about Saving Women's Lives?" on's campaign to raise money for breast cancer awareness month.

And finally, "S#!t this feminist says (that she shouldn't)" from can be bitter.

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  1. there are some really great links here! (and thank you!!)