Saturday, December 29, 2012

Feminism in Film: Moonrise Kingdom

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I just finished watching the Wes Anderson's film "Moonrise Kingdom". What a wonderfully charming movie! It is the first of his films that I've seen, but I'm definitely looking into the others.

Initial Thoughts
I heard lots of good things about this film from various people, mostly that it's a fun little movie. Which it was! I love that the scout group is called the "Khaki Scouts". Hi-larious.

The Critique
Overall, I enjoyed it. I kinda wish there was a female scout group because I think the similarities/differences between the two would have been really entertaining. Oh well, small potatoes.

I didn't particularly care for the scene in which Suzy and Sam dance and make-out on the beach. Maybe because they were in their underwear? I think I understand Anderson's intentions with the scene (firstly being that it's awkward, as are everyone's first encounters, and secondly being that these kids were exploring their sexualities). But still it left me unsettled. I don't really feel like it was necessary.

The Bechdel Test
*two named women? YES (Suzy, Laura Bishop)
*who talk to each other? YES (I should hope so-they're mother and daughter!)
*about something other than men? YES
          There was one scene, when Laura gives Suzy a bath. Suzy says she hates her mother and Laura talks about the hopelessness/uncertainty she feels in her own life. Frankly, I thought it was an interesting (and short) scene. I liked that Laura expressed her dissatisfaction with her home life and her choice to have an affair. I liked that Suzy openly displayed her feelings toward her mother. Good stuff. I wish conversations that real happened more often in film.

Final Rating
Three Stars

Fun times. Now off to watch Star Wars!

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