Sunday, January 6, 2013

Debunking the Feminist Nazi Meme

You've probably seen the 'Feminist Nazi' meme floating around the internet. 
Yes, it's offensive. But it's also full of incorrect statements. 
Below are some debunked "notable examples". 

Actually, women used to be diagnosed with hysteria by doctors in the 19th century. It was sort of a catch-all diagnosis for any problem a woman might have. Often, however, it was used for "troubled" women. So does calling attention to a stereotype make me hysterical? Apparently it does, according to this meme. Google image search 'hysterical men'. Pictures of Steve Carell and Zack Galifianakis pops up. Google image search 'hysterical women' and suddenly you've got pictures of women screaming and being violent. That's a problem. Oh, by the way: the cure for female hysteria? Orgasms. 

Ok, so here we get into slut-shaming and rape culture. Men and women can wear whatever they damn well want. Both genders should be able to leave the house in whatever makes them feel comfortable and not be judged, harassed, or violated. Unfortunately, we live in a patriarchal society where the opposite takes place. If a woman puts on a bikini, then she's "asking for it". Right? WRONG. SO WRONG. It is incredibly humiliating to be ogled and examined like a cow at a country fair. 

Actually, that's wrong. 
Women have been pushing to join the front lines for decades. 
It's the government that doesn't want to allow it. See here.

The word 'pussy', when used as an insult, is most often 
used by men to describe other men. 
It is a way of criticizing another man's masculinity. 
See this incredibly well written (cue eye roll) article by a man for a mens blog.

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