Friday, January 25, 2013

Women Finally Allowed in Combat

In case you hadn't heard, the Pentagon recently decided to end the ban on women in combat roles.


Of course, many people are upset about this decision for numerous reasons, including...

  • women can't keep up
  • women aren't as physically capable
  • it's difficult for male soldiers to bond when women soldiers are there
  • women are distracting, especially in a sexual way
  • the living conditions will be too unhygienic 
Could I personally be able to fight someone in hand-to-hand combat? No. Could I personally handle the psychological toll of war? No. THAT'S WHY I HAVEN'T ENLISTED IN THE MILITARY.

The women who have already enlisted? They can do these things that so many protesters believe they can't. And you know what? Women who want to be in the military will enlist. They're not going to go away just because some ignorant men can't handle the thought of them doing a job as equally well as men. 

I realize that this stigma is going to last for a long time. It's unfortunate, though. How long until I wake up in a world in which a woman's capability isn't questioned solely because she is a woman?

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