Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Good Reading This Week

Over at Brute Reason (written by a friend from school!), a great post about the horribly campaigns for breast cancer awareness and research: "Save the People, Not the Boobies: The Ethics of Breast Cancer Awareness".

"The Darker Side of Pink: Part 2" is a super informative post about the problems of current breast cancer awareness campaigns.

"The Naked Clam and Other Preposterous Public Hair Problems" offers a great look into pleasing only yourself.

"Domestic Violence: Everybody's Issue" over at Fem2.0 explores the importance of violence against women as an issue we all face.

Interesting look at blanket statements, generalizations, and feminism: "Things I Learned From My Feminist Theory Class (or, I Am a Bad Feminist)".

"How Romney Would Treat Women". New York Times. Read it. Now. Vote on Tuesday.

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