Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Good Reading This Week

Adios Barbie has a great article on "Top Ten Myths about Transgender People".

Over at Feministing, a look at "Project Unspoken: 'It should be a right to walk down the street and be safe.'".

A really thoughtful post over at Bitch Flicks, “Disney Buys Star Wars: A New Hope for Women and Girls”, about the possibilities of more diverse Disney programming. 

An interesting article on the women (or lack thereof) in Supernatural: "Supernatural: Women in the Very Overstocked Fridge".

A fascinating post about the tendency for men to fix women in pop songs: "Fixable You".

A male's opinion of No Shave November: "The Shave and the Shame: Problems with Movember".

This title says it all: "Because you can't care about everything: Activist burnout, guilt and love".


  1. Hello there! Thanks for the link! Also, the others- really interesting stuff :)

    1. Thank you! I really love your blog and your post that I included here! =)