Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Beauty Haul

I've decided to start switching to cleaner beauty products. While I don't have the funds to throw everything away right now and start from scratch (which just seems wasteful...), I'm going to replace items as I run out of them.

As it happens, I ran out of chapstick and eye makeup remover this week. So I trekked to Whole Foods and did some shopping!

I bought Earth Science's chamomile & green tea eye makeup remover. It has a sort of gel-like texture to it, but it's definitely not a gel. There are no artificial colors and it's fragrance and paraben free. Bonus - it was not tested on animals. I actually really love this product. It wipes away all traces of eye makeup easily and doesn't leave my eyes feeling sticky, either. A little of this goes a long way, which is really appreciated as I'm spending a little more than I usually would on drugstore eye makeup remover. But this new product is definitely better for my skin, so it's worth it!

I also bought Soothing Touch's vanilla chai lip balm. The lip balm section was a bit of an adventure...many lip balms at Whole Foods are made with coconut oil. I'm not entirely sure if I'm allergic to that or not so I had to veer away from those. But my roommate has raw virgin coconut oil, so I'll be doing a little test to see if I'm allergic to that or not. Anyway, I settled on the vanilla chai lip balm.  It's vegan, 70% organic, and has a very calming smell. It goes on very smooth and I can already feel a difference in my lips. It stays on for a long time, too, which is really great in the winter.

I'm very excited about my new beauty products and I'm looking forward to replacing more in the future!

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