Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week Two Goals

First, a review of last week's goals and my progress.

Daily Goals
I will drink one cup of tea every day. SUCCESSI will use a sinus rinse every day. (Icky but it makes me feel so much better.) SUCCESS
I will sleep for eight hours every night.
I will go for a walk every day. I will not drink soda.
I will not eat candy.

Weekly GoalsI will do yoga three times this week.I will finish reading Looking For Alaska by John Green.
I will watch no more than ten hours of television this week.

I really enjoyed what walking I did do, so I'd like to carry that through as a goal for this second week. Similarly, I was not consistent with my yoga. I'm going to carry that on as well. I barely made it with the ten hours of television - a particularly captivating West Wing storyline took a lot of my attention for a bit. I've definitely grown to love tea! So far I've only enjoyed chamomile, but I'm excited to try more varieties. I feel so much better now that I'm not drinking soda or eating candy - it's definitely making me sleep better, too. 

Now, my goals for week two!

Daily Goals
I will go for a walk every day.
I will drink hot water with lemon every morning.
I will meditate every morning right when I wake up.
I will read for 30 minutes every day.

Weekly Goals
I will do yoga three times this week.
I will try one new food.
I will go vegan with my sister.

This week brings the Vegan Challenge! Stay tuned for details on our contract, progress, and final thoughts! 

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